As can be read in the name, the foundation will bring a podium to anthropos : a platform to Man. The emblem of the foundation has to feature a human figure

drawing: Vossa Katoo Varkevisser (11)

walking on stilts. We imagine stilts as one of the archaic instruments for necessary movement that helped Man in primitive times to survive in morasses. In the context here stilts are given a symbolistic signification to help Man in his elevation from (the morasses of) ordinairy life.

Because of this imagination, it may have happened that stilts were jointly primordial to the raise of platform in archaic society. Stilts may have elevated the being of Man, and give him expression for his actions of triviality into a ritual and an artistic sense.

Here, on this very initial stage of this Antropodium-website, we like to introduce you to all the writings, the music and the research work of the Dutch artist Phons Bakx. He is not only occupied with Jew's harps. All his works are introduced here in mainly Dutch and English.
We wish you happy moments on this website, on behalf of
the committee of Foundation Antropodium

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Constitution of the Foundation Antropodium
collecting, propagating and distributing the knowledge about ethnological, cultural-anthropological and ethno-musicological phenomena, originated in societies from everywhere in the world, and even belonging to any period, likewise collecting objects and instruments that are connected with foresaid phenomena.

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