Phons Bakx has been a maskmaker for several years - most of his masks have a historical context, that's to say: they are replicas of old mask-traditions in Europe. The most of them were inspired on traditions from Sardinia and Switzerland. He wrote about the Sardinian
traditions of:

Phons Bakx werkte enkele jaren als maskermaker, althans hij repliceerde maskers uit bestaande Europese maskerculturen in een nieuwe opzet. De meeste waren geïnspireerd op tradities vanuit Sardinië en op Zwitserland. Hij schreef over de Sardische maskertraditie van:



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list of masks and replicamasks (with several photos) made by Phons Bakx:
lijst van maskers en replica's (enkele op foto) gemaakt door Phons Bakx:

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1. Merdule-replicamask(er), Sardinia
nicknamed 'Ghost excorcist' / bijnaam 'Geestverdrijver' (1987)

2. Merdule-replicamask(er), Sardinia
nicknamed 'Gerolomo' (1987)

Merdule-replicamask(er), Sardinia (see photo 3)
nicknamed 'Luigi' (1987)

4. Mamuthone-replicamask(er), Sardinia
nicknamed 'Tonino' (1987)

5. Merdule-replicamask(er), Sardinia
nickname forgotten (1987)

6. Mamuthone-replicamask(er), Sardinia (see photo 2)|
nicknamed 'Juvanne' (1991)

7. Mamuthone-replicamask(er), Sardinia
nicknamed 'Efisio' (1990)

8. Mamuthone-replicamask, Sardinia
nicknamed 'Aurelio' (1991)

9. Mamuthone-replicamask(er), Sardinia
nicknamed 'Cesare' (1991)

10. Mamuthone-replicamask(er), Sardinia
nicknamed 'Gavino' (1993)

11. Su Boë-replicamask(er)
Sardinia, 1990

12. Su Boë-replicamask(er), Sardinia
Sardinia, 1993

between 1992-1993 were made:

13. Tschäggättä-replicamask(er) in red / rood (1992)
from Lötschental, Switserland / Zwitserland

14. Tschäggättä-replicamask(er)
in blue, with a smirk /in lichtblauw, met grijnslach (1992)
from Lötschental, Switserland / Zwitserland

in ochre-yello, with a smirk / in geeloker, met grijnslach (1992)
from Lötschental, Switserland / Zwitserland

Tschäggättä-replicamask(er) in olivegreen / olijfgroen(1992)
from Lötschental, Switserland / Zwitserland

in multi-colored, black hairs / veelkleurig, zwart haar (1992)
from Lötschental, Switserland / Zwitserland

18. Tschäggättä-replicamask(er)
in ochre-yellow, white hairs / in geeloker, witte haren (1992) (see photo 4)
from Lötschental, Switserland / Zwitserland


19. Merdule-replicamask(er) in gray / grijs (Sardinia)

20. Merdule-replicamask(er)
in ochre-yellow (Sardinia)

21. Merdule-replicamask(er) in black / zwart (Sardinia)

22. Merdule-replicamask(er) (Fenician / Fenicisch) in black / zwart (Sardinia)

23. Filonzana-replicamask(er) Sardinia in black / zwart (Sardinia) (see photo 1)

Herne the Hunter - (see photo 6)
paganistic horned deity (Bakx' first design) /
voor-christelijke gehoornde godheid (eigen ontwerp)

25. Herne the Hunter - (see photo 5)
paganistic horned deity (own desighn, 1997) /
voor-christelijke gehoornde godheid (eigen ontwerp - 1997)

26. Green Man
paganistic leaves- and tree-deity (own design - 2001) /
voor-christelijke bladeren- en boomgodheid

27. Nggo-replicamask(er)
(toad-mask from Bali) made in gold-color, white, black and red /
padde-masker uit Bali, ggeschilderd in goudverf, wit, zwart en rood (1992)




some pictures below / hieronder enkele afbeeldingen



1. two replicas of Filonzana (occult spinster) from Orotelli
in Central Sardinia. Their face is covered with black cloth

(photo: H. Postma)



2. a Mamuthone-maskreplica from Mamoiada
in Barbagia, Sardinia

(photo: H. Postma)




3. a Merdule-maskreplica from Ottana, Barbagia in Sardinia
(photo: J. Flohil)




4. Tschäggättä-replica in the centre of Middelburg.
Maskfigure is from Lötschental, Switzerland
(photo: J. van de Nieuwendijk)



5. Herne-the-Hunter design, a mask in use in a German theatre play by Jan Fabre, Antwerp
This figure is sometimes also called Cernunnos (the Horned One)

(foto: K. Kuijpers)






6. Bakx' first Herne-the-Hunter design - This figure is sometimes
also called Cernunnos (the Horned One)